Blog: My Journey Begins…

As I first sat down with the intention of kicking-off the “Read Karen’s Stories” page on this site, I found that several scenes and their characters seemed to want their stories written here.

Initially, I’d intended that my new website, launching early 2021, would have 3 mini-scenes fleshed out to be posted on this ‘page’. Each would be posted over the course of a few months after this site went live. I’d felt it possible that some, or all, of these might have to be split into several posts depending on their length. Overall, I’d wanted to keep things a bit loose, keep it light… and not feel too tightly wound about meeting any goals or deadlines I set for this page (so I could enjoy the process and let it evolve). I then planned to add a few more scenes/backstories/etc. over the 4-6 months that followed… before pulling them all down so I could move into the next phase where I step back and can freely build out my novel.

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