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Imagine what you could experience, and all you could accomplish, if you were able to unleash your fully empowered dynamic self.

You, only better!
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Thrive across all areas of your life…

Work / Career

Performance, path and purpose

Health / Vitality

Mind, body and energy

Money / Prosperity

Enriching your life


At work, at home and in life


Focusing on your priorities

Each of us has untapped potential to live a happier, more thriving life.

I can help you unlock…


Access greater levels of personal power to achieve your full potential and thrive

Personal Mastery

Be your best self through focus, personal growth and self-knowledge

Goal Achievement

Be a Goal Achiever… successfully set and attain priority goals to live your best life

Self-Confidence & Poise

Increase belief in yourself and your ability to successfully deal with life’s challenges

Personal Resilience

Strengthen your ability to bounce back from difficult experiences and setbacks

Mindfulness Practices

Activate your presence in each moment to get the most out of life

Work-Life Balance

Discover how to balance the demands of work with your personal life & be fulfilled

Stress Management

Become more resistant to stress & poised under pressure when facing stress triggers

Live the life you want

Love the life you live

Discover what’s holding you back

Simple steps to success...



Really Intend to Thrive and Grow

You become aware that you have a meaningful opportunity to change, learn and grow so you can thrive more in life… and you really get serious about mastering your life and unlocking your peak potential.



Have a 1 on 1 Session with Karen

We explore your priorities and then get started! You commit to achieving your goals and together we discover what’s holding you back and what you can do about it… uncovering sabotaging habits that interfere with your results and setting strategies targeted to help you succeed.



Think and Act with Clarity, Purpose & Postivity

You consistently follow-through on applying the best practices, tips, techniques and insights you’ve learned… empowering yourself to use them in ways that work best for you, learning and growing as you build the life you want to live.



Adjust Your Course as “Life” Happens

You navigate life successfully, adapting to whatever life puts in your way, learning from experiences with an empowered mindset and breaking down mental barriers that sabotage your efforts… gaining confidence, knowledge and skill as you lean into living your most thriving life.

Unlock your success by…


Mastering Your Thoughts

Disempowering beliefs, thoughts and injunctions place limits on us, holding us back from living our best life.

Together, we’ll create a personalized protocol for you that helps you build new thinking habits and that supports your ability to thrive and be happy.


Mastering Your Emotions

Our emotional reactions, whether we’re aware of them or not, can negatively affect our attitude, actions and decisions.

We’ll pinpoint strategies that help you manage your emotions positively, release built-up emotional energy and reprogram your reactive mind to work for you.


Mastering Each Moment

We miss opportunities to thrive to our fullest capacity when we’re not fully present in the moment.

You’ll discover techniques that help you effectively manage your physical, mental, and emotional states so you have greater self-awareness, clarity, poise and presence in each moment.


Elevating Your Life

Sometimes we settle for less in our lives without realizing it, when we could actually achieve or experience more.

Based on your priorities, we’ll explore ways for you to leverage dynamic tactics that match your personal style and help empower you to take your life to the next level.


Whether you want small, bite-size change or a transformational breakthrough

My Dynamic Model can work for you

I’ll teach you how to leverage my synergistic approach to get the results you want.

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Learn More ›

We’ll get to the core of what’s been holding you back or slowing you down using techniques that integrate your mental, emotional, physical and energetic states to accelerate your results. Whether you’re newly aware that you want to make some changes or have been experiencing a frustrating lack of progress on achieving a goal for a while… we’ll get to the root cause of what’s driving your lack of results and reprogram your mind to think and feel in ways that empower you to succeed. We’ll leverage BOTH right and left brain thinking as we customize our techniques to suit your circumstances and match your personal style so you can reprogram your core code.

Whether it’s refining an aspect of your life or creating transformational breakthroughs, my approach can help you address the root causes of what’s been holding you back from being your best self.

Mental / Emotional

Our thoughts and feelings are closely interconnected, driving our reactions and attitude in each moment. We can create more ‘choice’ to think, feel, speak, and act differently, to our highest good, by awakening and reprogramming our mind.


Our physical body is the conduit through which we experience our life. It is a storehouse for emotion, embodies our character structure, and allows us to live through our senses, express ourselves and live to our fullest capacity.


Our energy body is tied to both our physical body and mind. Energy blockages can hold us back like an anchor. When we learn how to manage our energy field and release these blockages, we free ourselves to thrive more and be happier.

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Your 1 on 1 with Karen:

A one-hour session is $199 plus tax*

Personalized – Tailored to your unique needs, targeting your specific circumstances
Convenient – Join the session from anywhere you have internet access using almost any device
Cost Effective – You won’t incur long distance phone charges as you’ll meet over the internet

*Canadian Dollars. Tax is Ontario HST.

Disclaimer: Individuals are unique. Results will vary; in part due to the individual’s readiness to shift and in part based on what they are ready for and able to learn. Some changes will be subtle and occur over time; others may be more noticeable in the immediate aftermath. (Read our full Terms & Conditions)

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