Karen has begun writing a novel and invites you to join her as she and her characters start their adventure.

I’m delighted to begin sharing a few of the draft scenes that introduce you to key characters who have found themselves at The Junction, a coffee shop where “life” happens. Join us as they embark on the adventures they face when life throws them a few unexpected curve balls…

Each week I’ll continue writing the story and will post new ‘scenes’ as soon as they’re ready. Follow me on Twitter or Instagram to hear when a new one’s been posted! Read the latest instalment from Karen’s upcoming novel ›

Before you get started...

When I mentioned to people I was going to write a novel, they asked me to share sneak peeks of drafts of the initial scenes on my site.

This page is for those people… and anyone else who wants to join us on the journey. Welcome aboard!

Here’s how this page works:

A disclaimer first: This story is a work of fiction. All names, characters, businesses, events, locations, etc. are fictional and either products of my imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to an actual person (living or dead), place or event is entirely coincidental. What’s written here is for entertainment purposes only.

  • I‘ll post introductory scenes to my novel here to introduce you to the core cast of characters as the action begins to unfold.
  • The scenes will be draft. And although a good first draft, I retain the right to edit, refine, reword, any scenes I post here (remember, I’m calling it ‘draft’ here friends! 🙂 ).
  • I’ll ping followers on Instagram and Twitter when a new scene has been posted.
  • The entire book won’t be posted here. You’ll be getting an early preview of a sampler of starter scenes as we build some momentum and begin shaping the story.
  • Caveat: Some scenes posted here may not make the final novel. They could end up being background info or a character’s backstory. (But that just means you’ll be more ‘in the know’ than folks who didn’t read it here first… so you’ll have the inside scoop!).
  • The scenes won’t stay up indefinitely. At some point in the (hopefully) not too distant future, I’ll take down these posts as the novel gathers steam. I cannot guarantee timing, as I have a lot of products I plan to develop while writing this novel… so thank you in advance for your patience!

Tip: Follow me on Instagram or Twitter to hear when I’ve added a new scene to this page (or released a new product).

That’s it for now...

Let’s get cracking and meet some of the people we’ll join on their journey as they begin their adventures at The Junction.