About Karen

Helping you unlock your peak potential
across all areas of your life

We can all use a little help at different times in our lives…
Whether it’s with small bite-size change or larger transformational breakthroughs

Sometimes we want help defining a stretch goal, brainstorming strategies or just following-through.

At other times, we want someone in our corner who ‘gets us’, wants the best for us, and can help us think, feel, speak and act more clearly in alignment with our best interest.

Karen specializes in:

Personal & Professional Mastery – How to be your best self
Essential Business & Life Skills – Best practices to be successful at work and home
Individual & Leadership Effectiveness – Enhancing your ability to lead yourself and others

Via: 1 on 1 or Group Sessions; conducted in-person or online

Karen is currently creating a series of recordings, books, and other resources that provide insights on how to take your life to the next level

Over the past two decades I’ve focused on helping individuals unlock their peak potential and thrive through my insights, training techniques and support.

Whether at work or in life, I’ve helped people like you empower themselves to be their best by teaching them how to:

Master their minds – awakening their mind to get it working for them, and not against them

Turn negativity, fear and doubt into positivity, self-belief and confidence – replacing disempowering thinking patterns with empowering ones

Connect to their inner wisdom – accessing their ability to tune into their intuition and leverage both left and right brain thinking

Have greater ‘present moment’ awareness – becoming more conscious in each moment so they are less reactive, have more choice and can live full-heartedly

I’m delighted to be bringing the different facets of my Dynamic Modelling Approach together into a flexible, convenient system for you. To stay informed on new releases as I build new items, please follow me on Instagram and Twitter.

Our world is complex and challenging.
At times it demands too much of us - mentally, emotionally, and physically.
At other times it’s confusing and hard to find the best way forward to get the most out of life...

Karen helps people learn to thrive…
not just survive!

Karen’s Philosophy & Approach

In Karen’s words:

“I believe everyone has the potential to thrive more and be happier. That we can identify what’s holding us back and focus on what we need to ‘think and do’ differently to elevate our life; reaching for the life we would have wished we’d had.”

Karen believes:

  • Every person deserves to thrive… every single one of us is born with this right!
  • We all have untapped potential within and it’s ready for us to claim.
  • We can all learn what we need to grow more fully into our potential.
  • All of us can master our minds, activate it fully and reprogram unsupportive thoughts.

The future you want is waiting for you...

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Every one of us has a unique code at our deepest core that drives the way we operate in the world. It comes from our deeply held values, beliefs and creates habits of thinking, feeling and acting. It triggers reactions that come from our subconscious to leave us with little choice to change… unless we consciously choose to reprogram our minds.

We are a result of our past conditioning. The lives we live today are the result of these habits of thinking, feeling and acting (including ‘non-acting’) that stem from this core code. We can reprogram these.

We also need to recognize that we are more than just our mind and body – that we are energy too. When we factor this into our personal development strategies, we can improve and speed up our results.

Karen’s approach is based on a system of transformative techniques and tools using Dynamic Modelling that can accelerate our results and enhance our personal development.

To bring out the best in you, Karen uses the following levers:

  • Adult Learning Principles
  • Bio-Kinetic Field Analysis
  • Mind/Body Connection
  • Mindfulness & Positivity
  • Self-Awareness
  • Left & Right Brain Thinking
  • Bodywork Modalities
  • … and more!

An Important Note:

Karen believes that each person’s health and wellness team should include Accredited Licensed Medical Practitioners (Doctors and Therapists) for their advice and support.

She is not a licenced doctor or therapist. She knows that, often, our best approach to living a thriving and healthy life is to engage these medical experts appropriately throughout our life. This should include each person consulting medical experts before they embark on trying to use any of the information she shares, as well as throughout the period they apply it including an appropriate window in the aftermath to ensure the person thrives and has no difficulties subsequently.

As such, it is important to ensure you have the support and advice of your own medical experts throughout your own journey, so you can benefit by their knowledge and expertise.

Karen also believes that we all need financial experts to advise us on how we should best manage our money.
She is not a licensed financial planner.

As such: Be sure you get appropriate support and advice from your own licensed financial professional.

Karen sees any information she provides to others, whether via this site, or through any of her products or services, as being for information purposes only.

It should only be used in ways your accredited medical or financial advisor agrees suits your circumstances. Don’t use it without first checking for its suitability.

A reminder: Never delay seeking the advice or support of an appropriately licensed professional as a result of any information you get from Karen. Any information she provides should never replace their advice and support.

Furthermore: You should never adjust your treatment protocol or medication as a result of any of Karen’s information. Never stop taking and don’t ever adjust your medication or treatment protocol without first checking with your doctor or therapist, regardless of any information Karen shares. (read our full Terms and Conditions).

Karen’s Background and Expertise*

Karen has a unique skillset that blends 20+ years of expertise guiding people through the challenges of living in our fast-paced world with her gifts as a facilitator/corporate trainer and her passion for helping people to thrive and be happy.

With her impactful insight and practical, proven techniques, her abilities have helped thousands of people lead more fulfilling and successful lives.

Karen’s achievements include:

  • Obtaining her Honors Business Administration
    from the Richard Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario
  • Earning her Chartered Accountant Designation and worked for Ernst & Young
    in both Canada and Australia for over 10 years
  • Attaining her LEAN Knowledge Certificate – Bronze level
    She is a LEAN practitioner who is passionate about continuous improvement
  • Publishing several articles
    on goal achievement and stress management
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She is:

  • A Transformational Trainer and Master Teacher
    Karen has led thousands of people through training courses and 1 on 1 sessions.
  • A Change Management Expert
    Karen has supported many people to be successful during times of change: assisting leaders plan for change impacting their teams and individuals deal with change in their lives.
  • An Empowerment Specialist
    Karen has helped people stretch their thinking to see their possibilities, become more positive, self-aware, and focussed; all so they can live a more purposeful, peaceful and passionate life.
  • A Dedicated Meditation Practitioner
    Karen has been meditating daily for over 22 years and has taught hundreds of people its benefits!


Karen is not a licensed doctor, therapist or financial advisor. She does not provide professional medical, therapeutic or financial advice.

All information and content provided by Karen, whether through this site or via her Products and Services (such as: materials [books, recordings, etc.], events, 1 on 1 sessions, courses, etc.) is for informational purposes only. It is not intended either as professional medical, therapeutic or financial advice or as a substitute for the advice of, or treatment by, a qualified doctor, therapist or financial planner. Read the full Disclaimer.

To quote a recent client...

Karen helped me identify what I was carrying in my subconscious mind that created negative filters and unsupportive thoughts. I learned how these were holding me back at work and in my personal life – driving a lot of my subconscious reactions, taking away my ‘choice’ on how to respond in the moment. Karen gave me several easy to use tactics to practice that I can see and feel are making a difference as I begin to reprogram my thinking. I’m really seeing some great results!
Mitch T.


Who Has Karen Worked With?

Karen has worked with many large and reputable organizations. Here are just a few:

  • Sunnybrook Hospital
  • CIBC
  • Office of the Auditor General of Ontario
  • Scotiabank
  • Ontario Ministry of Health
  • Ontario Society of Professional Engineers
  • Ernst & Young
  • TD Bank
  • Chartered Professional Accountants Associations

In addition to working for a decade as a Chartered Accountant for Ernst&Young in Canada and Australia, Karen:

  • Headed the National Audit Education Group in her last year with Ernst&Young Australia
  • Worked as a Change Management Expert at several top Canadian Financial Institutions: CIBC, Scotiabank, and TD Bank
  • Provided leadership training and coaching as part of leadership programs and professional training certifications
  • Facilitated individual effectiveness sessions for the government, public and financial sectors
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Karen has coached, trained, and supported individuals in various roles, including:

  • Young Adults & University Students
  • Executives, Leaders, Managers & Supervisors
  • Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners
  • Engineers, Lawyers & Accountants
  • Teachers, Coaches & Healers
  • Homemakers, Parents, & Spouses

Karen has also partnered with several Chartered Professional Accountants Associations in Canada to provide her live-webinar series to their members.

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