Read Karen‘s Stories

Karen has begun writing a novel and invites you to join her as she and her characters start their adventure.

I’m delighted to begin sharing a few of the draft scenes that introduce you to key characters who have found themselves at The Junction, a coffee shop where “life” happens. Join us as they embark on the adventures they face when life throws them a few unexpected curve balls…

Each week I’ll continue writing the story and will post new ‘scenes’ as soon as they’re ready. Follow me on Twitter or Instagram to hear when a new one’s been posted! Read the latest instalment from Karen’s upcoming novel ›

Before you get started… April 8,2020 When I mentioned to people I was going to write a novel, they asked me to share sneak peeks of drafts of the initial scenes on my site. This page is for those people... and anyone else who wants to join us on the journey. Welcome aboard! Here’s how this page works... Read More
Blog: My Journey Begins… January 25,2021 As I first sat down with the intention of kicking-off the "Read Karen's Stories" page on this site, I found that several scenes and their characters seemed to want their stories written here. Initially, I'd intended that my new website, launching early 2021, would have 3 mini-scenes fleshed out to be posted on this ‘page’.… Read More

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