What Karen Does
– An Overview

Karen helps people Unlock Their Potential and Accelerate Their Results

Karen’s books, recordings, courses and 1 on 1 sessions can help you elevate your life

Dynamic Learning and Insights for Personal and Professional Mastery


Wherever you are
Whenever you need
Whatever format you prefer

Master your life and take it to the next level


Your Potential


Connect to Inner


Accelerate Your


Live Life
with Purpose

The System =

1 on 1 Consultations + Online Courses + Recordings + Books

Empowering, Helpful, Insightful, Convenient & Adaptable
Evolutionary Principles for everyday living in our fast-paced world
Best Practices for Personal and Professional Growth

Karen’s flexible system of insightful tips, tools, and techniques...

Designed to fit your busy life, suit your schedule and meet your budget. Available in a variety of mediums with affordable solutions for every price point.

The insight you need to succeed

How you want it

When you need it

We are in ‘build’ mode

Karen is currently developing material for the initial product suite of her system, including a series of books, recordings and other empowering resources to help us elevate our lives. We’ll publish each item on this site as soon it’s ready for you.
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1 on 1 Sessions

Gain Insight and Accelerate Your Results by working individually with Karen… so you can thrive more and be happier!

Experience Karen’s Dynamic Modelling approach in a personal session to fast-track your results and reach for your best life today.

Your 1 on 1 Session

Convenient – Get Karen’s insights from anywhere via the internet
Personalized – 100% tailored to your unique circumstances
Impactful – Learn what’s holding you back and what you need to focus on

Online Courses

Karen has been delivering webinars to professionals since 2011, and has partnered with several CPA Associations to deliver sessions that have verifiable PD hours.

Get best practice techniques, tools and tips to help you achieve your goals, master your life and thrive!

Your Online Learning

Live & Interactive – Learn more through facilitated exercises & ‘chatting’ with Karen
Convenient – Attend anywhere your computer can access the internet
Business Skills – Best practices to succeed in our changing business environment
Life Skills – Essential knowledge and techniques we need to thrive in life


Empower your life by listening to guided visualizations, meditations, and empowerments. All focused on helping you discover ways to activate your mind, connect to your inner wisdom, own your power and think and act in alignment to your highest good.

Reach new heights in your life by listening to a recording focused on helping empower you to thrive more and be happier.

Your Recordings Catalogue

Convenient – Listen wherever you have access to the internet
Insightful – Empowering processes to inspire and provide you with insight


Learn dynamic insights, transformative techniques, and acceleration strategies to equip you with the knowledge and motivation to successfully unlock your potential and thrive.

Discover how you can master your life and take it to the next level.

For Your Bookshelf

A range of topics for adults of all ages:
Self-help Books – Providing insights to support you on your life-journey so you can thrive more and be happier
Fictional Novel – An entertaining, empowering and fun story with a light dusting of insights sprinkled throughout

Ready for a bite-size change?
Or a large-scale transformation?

Whether you choose a book, a course, or a recording, you’ll receive insights gained from Karen’s years of experience. She also offers 1 on 1 sessions if you prefer a personal connection with insights targeting your unique situation.

Reach for your brightest future

Karen’s insights and support have helped thousands of people increase their ability to thrive and be more successful across the different roles they play (leader, teacher, healer, parent, coach, ... and more!)

Use Karen’s system to:

get your mind working for you
become a conscious creator of your life
boost your self-confidence and empowerment
be more mindful, present and aware of what each moment offers

…and master the skills, techniques and tips that help you thrive

Insight for All Ages

Regardless of whether you want to read a book, listen to a recording or attend a session to get the knowledge and insights you need, Karen’s system is convenient and customizable to suit both your needs and budget

Follow Karen to hear when new recordings and books are released

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New novel underway

First scenes available to read for free!