Fred S.

Chicago, USA

I realized I’d made a mistake -> I’d been a high-performer at work and my leader had encouraged me to take a role that came with a promotion. Despite many misgivings, I accepted the role. When I reached out to Karen many months later, I was feeling lost and overwhelmed by the new role’s responsibilities/demands and was dealing with high stress levels and mental health challenges. (Team, let’s add a ‘read more’ link for the rest of this one wherever it fits best – thanks!)

Karen helped me get back to thriving at work in a several ways:

She helped me prepare and confidently conduct a really important presentation I needed to make that I’d felt ill-equipped to do. She also helped me think through my next steps and ultimately to identify ways to shift out of my new role and into one I’d thrive at. (I was able to have a difficult conversation with my leader in a way that positioned me positively… AND I am now in a great role in the same company!)

During the period prior to getting my latest role, Karen also taught me strategies to manage my stress and maintain my emotional equilibrium while encouraging me to keep working closely with my personal doctor and therapist. Thanks to Karen’s insight and support, I’ve gotten my groove back!